Free Speech

Jay Hartman, of Bethesda, Md., left, and Alicia Cooke, of Bethesda, Md., right, protest for students right to free speech outside the Supreme Court in Washington, Monday, March 19, 2007. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The (not-so) secret is out: progressive thought has inundated American universities, and with it arrives the segmentation of free speech rights that otherwise act as a bulwark of liberty in the United States. It remains without question that American progressivism, essentially synonymous with modern American liberalism, dominates the activist class of universities and guides the political dictations of a patent majority of American professors. One need not venture far into the web to ferret [Read more...]

A Response to SCOTUS: By Thomas Conerty


I wrote this in response to the SCOTUS ruling today: If you offer the news today even the slightest glimmer of your attention, you will find that the Supreme Court of the United States voted 6-3 to uphold the subsidies offered through federal healthcare exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act, or as it is colloquially known, Obamacare. In a contentious case, King v Burwell challenged Obamacare by arguing that subsidies given to individuals who signed up for healthcare through a [Read more...]

Crony C(r)apitalism: By Thomas Conerty


One of the hottest debates occupying Congress regards the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, which offers below-market rate financing in order to facilitate the sale of US-goods to foreign purchasers. The firm ostensibly benefits small businesses, but reality begs to differ. Ex-Im has metamorphosed into a tool to promote crony capitalism, offering almost half of its financing to one large firm: Boeing. Several other large companies combine to constitute a large majority of Ex-Im’s [Read more...]

The States: Impotent Masters


Author: Thomas Conerty Imagine if you will a warehouse in which there are 13 employees. Each employee has a specific job: some work the lifts, some pull orders, others take inventory. However, there are certain tasks that require coordination in order to make the warehouse run smoothly; these are tasks that require multiple employees to work on the same objective because if each attempted to do it on its own, the warehouse would immediately transition to a state of turmoil. These tasks [Read more...]

Dropouts Podcast Episode 2


Ty Hicks Interview In this episode we interview Ty Hicks the Young Americans for Liberty Midwest Regional Director. We question him on the basics of liberty and how to get involved with the movement. He also explains the situation in North Korea and how he is working to spread liberty to that abused nation.

Conscription, History,& Why it Matters

Federal Conscription Enacted

Author: Will Porter In a modern era of global military empire, mass indiscriminate NSA data-grabbing, and unaccountable killer cops, an age-old issue vital to liberty is often overlooked or forgotten: that of conscription. On this Veterans’ Day, while most solemnly reflect on the valiant service of their fathers, uncles, and grandfathers in one of the many blood-soaked American military conflicts of the last century, let us not forget those given no choice in the matter. In the United [Read more...]

That Social Contract You Hear All About? It Doesn’t Exist.


Author:Thomas Conerty Perhaps the most basic doctrine that one learns upon entering 9th grade civics class is that there exists between man and government a social contract by which man inherently consents to surrender a number of his freedoms to a governmental authority in return for protection of his liberty. This idea originated from the mind of Thomas Hobbes, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau expanded it in his 1762 book, The Social Contract. Do you remember ever signing up for this [Read more...]

The Paradox of Force:


Author: Thomas Conerty When it comes to police brutality, the winds of political preferences shift, blowing the stones of ideology further and further from their ostensible doctrinal cornerstone: conservatives who espouse principles of individual liberty and small government will rush to support a police officer accused of excessive force, while liberals who clamor for an increased role of government in the lives of citizens, and the consolidation of weapons into police hands, become ardent [Read more...]

The IS & the US Versus You: The Use of Terror in Politics


Author: Will Porter     In early October, Tom Dispatch’s Tom Engelhardt, in a piece entitled “ISIS in Washington,” touched upon a key point which, I think, deserves some emphasis. Terror, Engelhardt said, is used not only by Islamist militants as means to their own political ends, but is exploited by Western states as well. When terrorist groups begin to make the headlines at home, interested parties work to hype up and exaggerate the crisis to serve personal and [Read more...]

Perpetual War: A Menace to Liberty

perpetual war

Author: Thomas Conerty   There is no clearer product of unending war than the intentional deprivation of liberty to further an illusory sense of security among the masses, whose docility and loyalty must be maintained and groomed in order to secure the false perception of safety. It is through war that government implements an agenda hostile to individual liberty by encouraging devotion to the collective of national security; and indeed, as any collective harms individualism, so [Read more...]